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Nesting side tables - design ideas

The client wants a set of nesting side tables to fit within her space and be flexible in placement.
After discussing possible designs, I proposed the following:

nesting side table original design

Incorporate subtle curves in the legs and front/rear aprons of each table
Add a stripe of contrasting woods across each tabletop

While some of these ideas are appealing, we tried another approach with tapered legs:

nesting side table tapered legs

Change the leg design to subtle tapering.
Add a stripe of contrasting woods across each tabletop

Here are the two ideas for the legs compared. Note that the table designs are the same height - differences shown come in the photo manipulation.

compare legs

Compare tapered leg design to curved leg design

For the client, the tapered legs were the better choice, and so that will be the design.

I draw a full-size schematic of the tables looking down, to get the exact placement of the mortises and tenons, and lengths of the aprons.

full-size pattern of mortises and tenons

Full-size schematic of each table (1/2 of table shown)