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Build progress for triangular side tables

The first step is to cut jig patterns that match the arc of the ends of the tables. These patterns will guide tools and router blades in a precise arc. I use a hand-router mounted on a swinging arm to cut a 34 13/16" radius arc.

cutting curved apron pattern

Cutting curved apron pattern

The tops consist of multiple boards of hard maple glued together with bisquits between them. I start with 8/4 stock and resaw it in half. Then I can lay the tops out as a bookmatched pair.

Glue up maple boards

Glue up maple top boards

The top blanks are run through a planing machine to flatten and smooth them. The resulting top blanks are bookmatched in design:

Tops glued and planed

Tops after glueing and planing

Using a compass bar, I mark the outline of the table top on the glued-up blank.

Marking the outline of the table top

Marking the outline of the table top

Shaping the curved aprons: First, I glue up two 8/4 blocks of hard maple with dark walnut thin stock between them.  This will end up being the accent mark in the apron that the client likes.  Next I rough-cut the apron blocks on a bandsaw, and sand the inside curve using a drum sander.

The outer face curve needs to be very accurate and smooth. It is the show side of the apron.

To make this curve, I use a jig to which the apron blank is mounted with screws, and that moves the apron in an arc exactly like the arc cut above.  This jig sits on the planer and sweeps the apron blank through an accurate curve right at the planer blades.  The curved bearings pivot, and the jig is gradually lowered onto the spinning planer blade using wedges:

Cutting curved aprons

Cutting the outer curve of the end aprons on a jig centered over the planer

The legs are shaped in jigs that lock the leg blank in place and run against a bearing on the router.

Shaping the legs using bearing-guided router jig

Shaping the legs using bearing-guided router jig"

Here are the shaped legs - six plus a spare

shaped leg set

shaped leg set

Chinese elm
Chinese elm