Bruce Powell
Fine Woodworking

Emily's table

Emily's table closed

Emily's table of pine
with carved and dyed top

Emily's table open

Emily's table with
ladybug handle turned and top lifted

Emily's table original plan

Emily's table original plan

When Emily was 11 years old, she decided to make her own table.  She started with a detailed drawing as shown. Then she worked with me in the shop learning how to use tools properly.  She bandsawed the top and used gouges and chisels to shape the petals. The legs were shaped by a router with bearing-guided cutter running against curved templates. The legs and aprons are joined with bisquits.  Emily stained the top with analine dyes, and finished the whole table with wipe-on polyurethane.  She decided to have the top open on hinges to reveal a secret compartment.  And she made a locking lever to close the top.  The lever is topped with a painted ladybug - just for fun.